Escape from the rooms of a century old spiritual building
Only Minutes from Winnipeg!

Do you like solving puzzles, codes and finding keys to unlock interesting items? Enjoy the challenge of the HUNT with teammates to see how fast your group can beat the clock and escape the room. You have only 60 minutes to do so.

Our venue offers a unique Escape Room experience. So here we are, come check us out! We follow COVID-19 Rules:

  1. Maintain Social Distance  
  2. Bring your own Mask (your choice to wear or not or until MB Govt makes it manditory.)
  3. Use Hand Sanitizer located by Entrance Door
  4. If anyone of your group becomes ill, please cancel and rebook
  5. Any questions regarding Covid-19 call 1-204-981-7020
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Our Rooms

What is an escape room? It’s a game where you are put into a room (supposedly locked – but not). The object of the game is to figure out all the codes, puzzles, quotes, etc and finally find a way out before your 60 minutes is up. For more information check out our FAQ section