Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape room?

It’s a game where you are put into a room (supposedly locked – But Not). The object of the game is to figure out all the codes, puzzles, quotes, etc and finally find a way out before your 60 minutes is up. Communication with your team members is very important to succeeding!

What ages are appropriate?

Age appropriate would be teenagers to senior age, with an adult to accompany younger teenagers.

What size of groups are allowed

Up to 4-6 people is a comfortable amount. We can accommodate groups of 8 to 10 people when they stay overnight and then have a friendly competition as to which group performs the best in the escape room. There is a discount with the escape room for overnight groups. (See Booking Online for prices)

How early should I arrive?

Arrival Time should be approximately 15 minutes before your booked time in ordered to be informed about the game and if you have any questions.

REWARDS!! What is offered with the game?

Beverages and baked goods for everyone while your team discuss your performance of the game and the game itself. A Self Tour of this historical hundred year old former convent which is now a B&B and Retreat Centre.

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To the teams that succeed the escape room on time with NO clues, a draw will be taken every few months for ONE of the winning teams.

The prize is a one night FREE stay for the group on the third floor of our B&B (includes full breakfast in am)

Other questions?

Any others questions you may have, please email them to